Monday, July 17, 2017

avocado ice cream is super weird

me and my comp!


really don't know what to mention this week so i'll send alot of photos because "pictures are worth a thousand words" hopefully. 

on breaking news its avocado season! ive had some avocado icecream and its super weird! it tastes great and i continue to eat it but my mind is not a fan so i feel like gagging. seriously the wierdest ice cream out here. 

it's been all going very smoothly tho. i'm getting more and more excited everyday to teach and learn. it is super fun teaching, not going to lie. i have also been reviewing my life a little bit more and my approach to discipleship. it's interesting in John 21:15-19.  i think what happens when the resurrected Christ comes to his apostles. He noticed that they had immediately gone back to their same old ways like after Jesus leaves the earth. all the work that they did is as of naught. he gives them fish after a long hard day of none, sits them down, asks Peter (the one who denied him 3 days earlier) if he loves him 3 times. Peter does and he receives the council to feed His sheep. sometimes i worry i'll go home and resume to my old ways, even if they were not that bad, and not remember or just forget the things ive learned out here and all the becoming that has happened. will i get reminded? after reading my patriarchal blessing i realize things really have to be different when i go home. no comfort in the growth zone di ba? 

anyway, other than that we are teaching some very complex and interesting familys rn. very fun, but challenging. a good one is a family who is part of a korean "organization" not religion but organization. they beleive all churches are right and accept everything. they strive for world peace through religious unity but do not understand that unity is under one head. it's unity, not compromising. inter faith stuff is super important, dont get me wrong. i love it. this family is amazing tho. they have like 7 kids all with korean names and they are the most calm and respectful family i have taught. LOVE IT! it's fun teaching them and talking to them. 

tbh i dont know where this email is going but heres a taste into my life. 


the Assitants to the President and the Assistant to the Assitants to the President

doing some teaching

this is how woke up on canada day

looks like ray charles

Sunday, July 16, 2017

hanging out with president hiatt

candid all the way and fed by sister hiatt :) life is good in cauayan :) 

Sunday, July 9, 2017

got a new comp and he is an angel from above

hey nay,

nothing much to report but i finally got a new comp!! not going to lie but this week was a little harder than some because i spent a lot of time with the missionaries who were going home and i hated it! there is so many i love and appreciate like Elders Ishibashi (my first ZL) and Elder Olsen (my roomate for 2 cycles) but their feelings of anxiety and nervousness just shed on to me and i found it super hard to sleep those nights. this word is stupid but just the worst vibes. 

BUT i got a new comp and he is an angel from above. i have never met anyone so perfect and kind and christ like in my whole life. lots to learn from the guy. i'm really getting sick of having great companions. when am i going to get a hard one?  Elder Sorronda from Mindanao (the place getting destroyed rn). goes home in september. legend. lots to learn. so little time.


Sunday, July 2, 2017

no pics bc i'm scared my dirty camera will crash the system at the mission office


it's been the strangest week yet and still no pics bc im at the mission office emailing and i'm scared my dirty camera will crash the system.

so on wednesday after having Elder Uy's childhood friend stay the night i had an interview with president, then Elder Uy did. than me again and Elder Uy is the new assistant! and he's absolutely terrified! but because of that i have not had a companion in my area since wednesday and all the way until the next wednesday. and it has been hectic trying to find people to be with. but every morning i go with the assistants to the office and than i plan solo, perosonal study, no companion so no companionship study and than CLS and spend the rest of the day till lunch helping in the office. i worked a couple days with just members from the branch and just the feeling of not having a companion made me so sad and lonely! but then night comes around and i'm reunited and it feels soo good! there has been sacrifices though and i've had to work in other areas which is fun but my people are thirsty over there for the gospel! also being a solo Zone Leader is part of the fun.

Saturday was neat because i went with the Assistants to the mission office because they had a meeting with president to plan a meeting for all the Leaders in the mission and president just invited me to join and help. super rad. talked about some things that are up and coming, so shhhh. also sunday night because the assistants were so busy with transfer day and all the missionaries going home i stayed with them there till like 11 and got to talk to an elder ill miss dearly: my first Zone Leader from hawaii, Elder Ishibashi. gets me pretty emotional to see him go tbh. 

another thing is Elder Olsen, the old AP and my roommate for 3 months now is going home on wednesday and i'm getting pretty antsy about it. hes just from rexburg so i hope to see him more because i'm really really close with him. getting really sick of goodbyes. 

not much else to report except my next comp is absolutely amazing. it's weird knowing your companions before you become companions but i think its time i finally have a challenging companion for once. i've been way to blessed so far. 

Lifes Good,


Sunday, June 25, 2017

feeling super good with the language


its been a good week. so we had a zone conference and learned an interesting and new contacting method presented by the assistants. so before you say pretty much anything else you ask them a classic question of the soul or something like "do you know why they call us mormons?" then BOOM book of mormon, joseph smith, first vision, promised blessing, a sneaky question they can not say no to then grab their phone number and then teach them! 13 new investigators this week.. got me hyped! also, after a good night time convo with my special boy we realized we both haven't grown so much in our whole missions. lots of new things, trials and sunny days. also feeling super good with the language which gets me hyped to just talk and learn. getting all those childrens songs on lock.

other than that i want to mention a really special and challenging family that we have been working with. haven't mentioned them yet. anyway back like 3 months ago there 11ish yo boy fell on a piece of rebar sticking out of the ground and it pierced his hip and like broke/ infected his bone. he has not walked in months and i have never seen anyone so skinny in my life. this family lives in a house that is the same size as like my bedroom back home, and it's just one bamboo bed thing. the mom and dad have had 8 kids and some live down the road in another house to sleep. the dad never went to school and doesn't speak tagalog. the kid needs like a surgery that they can only afford like 5% of. but the goverments helping out a bit and i saw him after this surgery and he had a rod going through his knee and a water jug on a rope pulling that leg down. this family is amazing. in short the mom went to church twice in a row now. glad i met them. 

Elder Kearl

Monday, June 19, 2017

this is all he sent me...what????

NAY! not much time but i only want to say one quote:

"its going down for real" - NEO or something

1 year feels good. happiest boy in the south china sea and never want to go home!!


Monday, June 12, 2017

one year mark

the Skype with the people i love


i got more time this week which i am hyped about! so here we go:

on a pressing topic the roomates and I want to start a new "6 weeks to sexy program" which will maximize our 6:30 - 7 exercise time for max sexy bod results. maybe we will even sttart running in the mornings! stay posted on results.

also this is the email i think i will celebrate my 1 year bc next year june 6th i will be on my way home. and as im getting close to the actual day i gotta say the view looks great! ive heard that once you hit one year your pretty much home bc time just cruises. 

but its been a good week and ive been reading dans mission book a bit more and got feeling pretty hard. thinking of past companions (especailly my trainer) and how much i do not want to leave or anything similar. its been a pretty special and very unexpected year. its been hard physically, socially, spiritually and the hardest one is mentally and emotionally. i actually cant express how i feel but im just content. no regrets. lots of good people ive ran into and lots of hard but good lessons learned. i could just see dad rolling his eyes at this so im gonna stop haha but idk its just been one heck of an experince! gratefull for every day! also its cool to think that a year ago i knew like 4 words in tagalog and now i dont have to think when i speak it or hear it. i love this language so much.

but on a diffrent note, the comp and i had an amazing week. really love being with Elder Uy. this fresh start feels good and we are trying our absoulte hardest to do things right, by the PMG or the Handbook. really striving for perfection no matter how much effort it takes. we have 4 new investigators from members and got more coming. this whole week we only taught an investigator with members. its been really really fun! 

not much more to say, but anything you wanna know? 

Elder Kearl

what eggs?


the comp