Sunday, September 10, 2017

ya know, i was stressing about joel and that earthquake

hello po nay, 

hyped to be an uncle in the spring!  

its good to hear about so many "good" things. similar feelings on this side as well. its also wonderful to see you staying busy and active and being fun. super mom. but whats dad doing to stay busy??? 

that is so cool about courtney kwasney getting engaged! she is and always has been such a good egg. big respect for that one :) 

ya know, i was stressing about joel and that earthquake. did he die? hope not :)

man i really got no time but i got some news.

so 12 people were recently murdered in my first area bc of this rebels group. they are called the New Peoples Army or NPA. 

and second is in 1 lesson we got 8 new investigators! so 2 boys randomly just showed up at church and then we visited them later and they live at a members house, so as we were chatting one by one friends of thiers kept sitting down and then we had a big ol group and it was super fun. cracked some jokes (mentioned below) and had a good vision of all of them getting baptized all at the same time! could you imagine the brosen? would be some really sunny days. also we were with the best ward members and had the sunniest sunset tricycle ride back to good and better accounting with the zone.

sunny days.
Elder Kearl 

Would you rather be like a monkey? or like a person?

mom your a superstar and im your number 1 fan

Elder Kearl 
Hi Elder, loved our interviews and thanks for the help in the rain.
Work hard ❣️Keep your line in the water 🎣
Mahal kita,
💕Sister Hiatt   Philippines Cauayan Mission 🌴
branch pictures

accounting with president hiatt

Sunday, September 3, 2017

i realize i'm literally just becoming more and more like joel

Hello po nay,

great email mom! your positivity and hype really stand out. sunny days for sure! 

Dad is such a boss. he is killing it and making the most of the cabin! really wish i could be there this weekend with steeles and richards, but life still goes on. i hope to see some pictures. 

tell john lethaby i cherish him next weekend when you see him.

man that block class sounds intense! and i also don't get it, but it must be nice not having to worry about anyone in the house but dad and his shenanigans. keep a close eye on that hozer for me.

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! its now the "BER" months! but i have not heard any "merry christmas"'s yet.... :/ 

not much to say this week so i'll keep it simple. but we have been having some really good days for no particular reason at all. those days are truly the best. i also realized that a good day out here beats any best days back home. just sunny. 

something cool i learned about the philippines that will also explain alot is that in every hospital, and most banks and grocery stores before the work starts the coworkers will gather around and say a prayer for saftey, success, gratitude etc.. also the same in like all universities and colleges. this place has really got the faith. 

i'm good, growing, been learning so much form my studies lately its refreshing! i feel like i've changed alot by just looking at my goals and plans for life. but that is good. really good. i realize i'm literally just becoming more and more like Joel. that guy really has got it figured out. 

on a more spiritual note, i realize i have never really shared a formal testimony on my emails but a cool thought came into my head yesterday during fast meeting. after hearing some nice testimonies, i started thinking critically (dang it satan) and started thinking about why we do all this work in our church and if it is all worth it. then a different thought came into my head (bless up) "But, what if it's all true?" think about it. what if it is true that we have a Father in Heaven, who created worlds without number and loves me as an individual, hears my prayers and is as anxious for my success as i am? what if its true that we can be together with our families forever end progress to a point when we as well become Gods with infinite dominion and live in a state of  eternal happiness? what if it really is true that through prayer we can plead and receive forgiveness of our mistakes and be strengthened through the grace of Jesus Christ and also have the constant companionship of a member of the Godhead? and the list goes on. i taught myself a bit about hope and faith and how they are connected and we need to have hope and faith first and then a witness of the truth (Ether 12:6). sounds a lot better than not believing, thats for sure.  

could you please somehow get the weekly emails from all the boys so i can keep up . i really wanna hear whats going on in my friends missions. Like Joel, Jake, Jake, Tim, Connor, seth, Jordan, Daivd. maybe if they got blogs the moms can forward me thier email idk but THANKS! 


the four of us :)

look at those socks though

this guy cracks me up

the struggle (50 pesos worth of quarters for 2 loaves of bread :0) 

Elder Galindo doin his usual

struggle round 2 after that post fast grind....

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

have an investigator named's weird saying her name

great email!

quick email bc of the love from the east. Salamat mga fans ko!! i love the love.

so thats super cool that eric was accepted to med school in north carolina! thats gonna be super cool. i'm curious where they end up! and we will have to go visit ;) 

the RM that is in my ward who knew shane lethaby on their mission is EJ Polido. He is a real good guy with an even cooler family. kindest and gentlest people. good people in this ward. met a Dave Maller, Erin Wolff, and Micheal Tagg! 

you'll have to send some pictures from that cabin trip with schneiders and dillings! i wanna see how they are all doing. also good to hear that Chris has good plans for a mission. he's a solid kid. i have a soft spot for the south crew. also my Bishop has a friend in cranston ward! and his wife used to live in Royal Oak ward. pretty cool hey? 

i have 3 questions: where and with what callings has grandpa rosenvall served? also for grandpa kearl. ALSO where is Jake McClellans misson? 

for news i found a Dave Maller in my ward. great man who is a radio talk host guy. cool. their boy is slightly autisitc and has memorized everything about the church with his amazing mind. names, dates, everything. had an FHE with them. 

Proverbs 19:22

also have an investigator with the name of EMILY. its weird saying her name. good times tho. 

man i've really felt i've grown this week and things are going up hill. learned some neat things from my personal studies and have been blessed with opportunities to share what i've learned about Christ's church He esthablished, the Apostasy, Charity, etc... just feels good to be learning. 

times up! sorry no pictures still! haven't been taking many either :/


Elder Kearl

Monday, August 21, 2017

RM in ward was really close with shane lethaby in their mission is legaspi philippines

hello po nay,

good to here that Kyle got maried and thats cool you went to a jewish wedding! ever been to a filipino one? masarap! 

im actually emailing Amy rn. Japans gotta be a super hard mission. language and people. But amy will love it. 

So the news is i transferred. i'm now assigned in the Baluarte ward of santiago north stake. its between bambang and Cauayan. it's super sunny. i'm in a huge apartment that has aircon! i now sleep with a blanket (bed sheet) and wake up dry! no more sweaty sleeps :):):) oh man it is absolute amazing. i'm with an Elder Galindo. he's so diligent and fun to be with. he loves speaking english and the church. he impresses me like ereday. our Kabahays (roommates) are Elder Sacil and Opalda who have both been assigned in dupax! Elder Sacil was born in dupax del sur! like me :):) its interesting with those 2 bc they are so dang funny but they have had some intersting missions so far but its good using and practicing some things i've learned from mistakes with old kabahays. 

so this had to be the hardest transfer for me yet. the day before i left, Reynan who married the Amigo family girl and honestly my favorite and closest family yet in the mish, his wife had a baby the day before i left! so i got to see a 12 hour old baby. oh man it was so tender. cherish. then saying i was leaving was tough...... still really miss them tbh. ALSO Elder pulley, my Kabahay for 3 cycles (april to now) went home with his batch. man that sucked to saying good bye to him and also my first district leader from Dupax Days, Elder Kane. 

BUT! on tuesday the missionary assigned in dupax at the moment slept in our apartment and gave me the 411 on dupax. and man everything is going fantastic! i still remembered everyones names and locations! our Baptism, sister Ergy is super active and im itching to go back. we both shared our deep feelings of love for dupax.. cherish that place. but an older lady, nanay tracita actually passed away which really hit me but her life was pretty sad and lonely at the end. 

one last thing is a met an RM in the ward who wsa really close with shane lethaby in there mission! its been a hoot talking about him and sharing shane stories. great guy. we both miss him. 

thats it, times up

Elder Kearl

Life hack: Alma 31:31

Monday, August 14, 2017

nothing i love more than someone striving

Hello po nay,

there are certainly some ups and downs in your email mom. 

I've heard the Carolinas are absolutely beautiful so that would be cool if em and eric ended up there! 

wow.. Curtis and Jared are leaving so soon. crazy crazy but they are going to do very well. glad to hear they got the letters i sent them! i personalized em the best i could but they are twins soooooo

glad you read the talk i suggested to you!!  i'm reminded of Dad's words at Emilys wedding when he expressed gratitude to Mike and Susan  (Eric's parents. is that right?) for showing a good example of a healthy and devoted marriage and i would like to echo that for you and dad too! Salamat po :) 

oh a garage at the lake! i would love to help him with that when i get home.

Emily and Natasha are allowed to get pregnant on septmeber 15 and on wards btw :) 

did lance fibke get a mission call?

not much time this week so i'll start with a quote from a wise tricycle driver of over 30 years:
"kung walang mosipag, walang mangyayari" (if your not hardworking, nothing will happen)

another from the Cauayan first branch Elders Quormn:
"TLC. Tender Love and Care." apparently that is all we need! 

something great that happened this week is i went on splits with a brand new american and it had to be one of the funnest days on my mission. this Elder, Elder West, really impresses me. he showed such genuine love and care to people he has never met before and will probably never see again. even tho he really couldn't understand much, he gave his full attention to the lesson and is just striving! nothing i love more than someone striving. He also is just having fun, knows why he's there and who he works for. this day with that elder is honestly something i really needed to smarten me up a bit. blessed.

next week i got some news for you guys but i wont tell you rn :)

Elder Kearl

Sunday, August 6, 2017

do either of the litchfields have a younger sister either single or my age?

hello po nay! magandang tanghali! 

thats a good update mama!! 

BUT HEY HAPPY BIRTHDAY ON THE 5th RIGHT?!?! or 30th? hope i'm right :)

dad's a monster on the road but man thinking of people driving as fast as they do back home gets me nervous. everything is very slow paced here. like 60km\h highways bc nobodys in a rush. but some people are and bc there are no cops at all it gets crazy.

crazy haileys married! where are they honeymooning and whats there plan? are they staying in calgary? 

for your BDAY i want you to read "one thing needfull: becoming woman of greater faith in christ" by patrica holland. amazing talk recommended by Erin Wolff to me.

love them litchfields. i'm sure you are having fun at the lake with them.  could you ask again if either of them have a younger sister either single or my age? thanks. 

it was a very blessed week! we met some very amazing and promising new investigators! one of the best weeks yet work wise! not much to share about it except this amazing family we are teaching went to church after being visited twice! it was so cool to see them there. the cool thing about that family is every time we go there seems to be another person who wants to listen, so we get a pretty good group to teach every time! similar thing with a different group this week where this one girl came up and said "i want to go back to mormons" to us! she almost went to church a couple days after saying this but was too shy bc she doesnt have a dress :/ shyness is such a reality out here! 

a cool miracle is from my absolute fav investigator ever! he married a member and into a LA but member family. he's probably one of the brightest people i know and he teaches me things from his Book of Mormon reading! he just absorbs everything and has such a strong desire to be baptized and go to the temple to be sealed. this is the Amigo family who i can't get enough of. the best people. anyway, so this investigator works sundays and was only able to attend sacrament in the ward before us and for months tried to get sundays off to attened Branch 1 with us for the full duration. anyway he got work off!! and for the month at his work he needs to get like 14000 pesos in sales and on the last day of the month the day after his first full sunday at church he got 30000 pesos in sales which is like 4 times the daily regular, hopefully that made sense i'm running out of time but i'm hyped! 

"the only thing constant is change" 

Elder Kearl

Monday, July 31, 2017

notice im teaching my MTC companion, Elder Larsen. first time hearing his tagalog in a year!

hello po nay

i don't got much time for the big boy this week but i'll just say we were greatly blessed. 

thats so cool to hear about the sod at the lake. i did some sod work at the golfcourse and really enjoyed it. kinda a cool puzzle. magic as well. 

getting pretty swimming hungry tbh but i can wait. somedays i literally just imagine floating in cold water. sounds nice like everyday at 2 in the afternoon. 

i got your package! pretty rad stuff! man you have no idea how excited i was! i'll be honest i have lots of shirts now so i sent one to my trainee, hope thats fine! what i would like (and no rush) is a longsleeve, i really need another one. if it could be slim fit (bc im thin) and have that collar that buttons itself down would be gold. but the spinners are fun! a new american told me there huge back hme and i thought it was only here!!! the ones you gave sure are nice. also the pez was a good throwback! the IG books completed the collection so thats fun. super great stuff mom, thanks a million!! 

moneys been super tight bc of travel funds (our area is far from the apartment) so for actually the past couple months i've been pulling off weekly 350 peso grocery bills. ($11 CAD) its been some simple meals and telling nanays were hungry :). 

I had a pretty cool experience in a different companionships area in the Zone called Naguilian. so we had a little suprise visit for them to go over some things and afterwards i was chatting with their older land lady who lives on the property and pretty quickly asked her when the last time narries shared to her. said its been like 10 years! every day she sees and talks to the missionaries but this was the first time in years where one has asked to teach her! so the 4 of us taught her an overview of the restoration of the gospel (Our Heavenly Father, gospel blesses families, prophets, Christs church He established, the great apostasy, the first vision, book of mormon, and praying to know). within 5 minutes my companion (who has been assigned in that area but didnt teach her before) gives her a baptisimal date. man it was a super cool lesson. highlight for sure!!! felt something pretty special :) 

Elder Kearl