Monday, January 15, 2018

life's real good in Baluarte


yeah, we watched President Monson's funeral! it was cool! 

send a pic from Baileys wedding!

hey mom not much to say. we got a new roomate bc there were some emergency transfers! and he is so much like jake maller! just does his thing and calmly moves thru life. he's super new and is a master at Tagalog and Ilocano! all he does is study the language. makes me wonder where i would be if i put in that kinda time from day 1.....

Because of the new guy i'm taking Illocano more seriously. it is fun learning a language again! the goal is before January 31 to be able to pray and bear my testimony. don't think i'll learn much more after that. tagalog is good enough hahaha

made some big plans with Edwin i thought i would let you know. so when his family gets sealed in the temple i'll attend. His wife btw, is being taught in hong kong! she's in lesson 2! just saying its gonna happen. i took a blood oath. nobody can stop me. 

that's it, life's real good in Baluarte.
Elder Kearl

Monday, January 8, 2018

New year, new hope

Hello po nay,

BAGONG TAON. BAGONG PAGASA! a member very brightly said this as an opening line to her testimony. translating to: NEW YEAR, NEW HOPE! its true isn't it? ive managed to wish everyone i see a happy new year everyday until now. hey! they love it! 

i got nothing to report on. sorry.

But i kinda wanna mention this companionship. by far the most fun and exciting and funniest time of my mission and the time ive grown the most. I love this Elder alot and consider him to be one of my best friends ever. no one knows as much about me as him and i've never learned more about my self. We are complete opposites of one another but get along very well. i've never been more united and progressing so much in the work and my personal progress (not as a YW!! but as a human on earth). we have very different personalities but the same standards so things go smooth.  we got till the 31st and i'm enjoying it till its gone! but it's felt like 30 years hahaha i've really changed within this companionship.

Elder Kearls fav scripture of 2018: Nephi 18:32

Elder Kearl

Monday, January 1, 2018

joel is inspiring and really knows what's up


hello po, so just a funny thing from christmas was we were glancing one of the weird gameshows people have on their screens 24/7 and the guy has the crowd going nuts as hes singing his song and doing his thing, and he just yells out: "ITS JESUS' BIRTHDAY SO WE ARE ALL BLESSED!". i hope he has a point.

they get into christmas here just so they can secretly go nuts on new years. so new years was super chill with a really good sleep. the usual here is just as much noise as possible on and during the surrounding days of new years. obviously with the climax being 12 o'clock. people will scream and honk horns and rev engines and drive with cans behind their vehicles and lots of fireworks. we saw one firework thats really cheap that shot into the sky and always dove back and landed on the ground than blew up. its pretty cool until it lands in your house! super fun tho. i missed the chance at 12 to stick my head out and yell something! but thats ok. i woke well rested. 

a highlight was my comp and I almost had a walk in appointment with the mayor of the city but just talked with the secretary telling her we live here and can get 26 missionaries to do anything they want. she gave me the numbers of the enviromental head of the city and like a guy in charge of like the christian churches services thing idk he's a pretty big deal tho. anyway they texted back and said they will let us know! so now we have been sending letters into so many stuff to get service going. super fun. stay posted. 

I read Jordans and Joels mission emails asap and they were good. Joel is inspiring and really knows whats up. if you are reading my emails, stop and go to joels. youll learn more (mom please include the quote) and Jordans is like hes on a whole nother planet! not even the same missionary work. Utah....

for all the people putting on their new 2018 self, here are "Elder Brockbanks way to set goals":
1) What do i want - not what others want but what i want for myself, my true desires.
2) Understand what it is - make it specific
3) Identify the steps
4) Identify what stops this from happening
5) Make a plan - put it on paper
6) Find someone to hold you accountable

Elder Kearl

Sunday, December 24, 2017


matching Elf jammies from his momma!

Hello po nanay! 

it was a very merry christmas! and here is why: skype to the crew :) 4 eating appointments X0 (one with like lasgana! and an indian man). good laughs and some christmas motab video stuff at a members :) so we woke up, opened the 2 remaining gifts from GMA K :) and Edwin (the Recent Convert) picked us up to go to the Quibuyen family headquarters. we made it and Jing Jing (his younger sister, married to a persian man living in america) prepared the best foods ever! im talking cheetos, tostitos, doritoes, guac, cereal (almost like she knew the kearl classic). shes got some money so we didnt feel bad at all. she was exicted to feed foreigners and there was also an indian guy from hong kong who had nothing to do apparently so he flew over for a couple days. yeah we asked him every question ever about india and hinduism. we got to skype :) ate a big lunch :):) and met almost all 9 of the quiboyen siblings and they all live on like the same street! good people. the nanay said "too bad the delaga's (young unmarried woman) are not here!" good to see Nay is looking out for us. than we went to some  Baluarte legends bc they told us we had no choice :/ the Pulido Family (Shane Lethabys buddy), Abogado adn Rouque. we were going to work and teach but at every appointment a member would text us and say: "hey come and eat here. we cooked you food and are waiting for you..." the spirit was weak but the flesh was willing. destroyed my self but this skinny filipino boy could handle the carbs. felt really bad we didnt teach any one..... but this not a "no" culture. came home bc of an early curfew. Called a zone mate bc he was a little sad being away from his family. read about Jesus Christs ministry in America and hit the hay. very merry.

about the skype: i am just full of gratitude like never before for my family. i reallly love you all alot. your all doing incredibly well and really inspiring me. i truly am a lucky boy and am happy to see you all again! afterwards i just felt very content. thank you. im also incredibly grateful for Dad for looking out for my post secondary education. i have no worries about it now! thank you :)

We also had a baptism of Rina and Julie! Julie was the one we sang the song with we sent home! amazing woman and cool to see they progressed in their commitment to Follow Jesus Christ :) wish i could say more but no time :/

had a christmas zone confrence which was great. i loved it bc we did the same thing as last year. really noticed how nice traditions are it was nice to have one here. 

Maligayong Pasko,
Elder Kearl 

Sunday, December 17, 2017

snoop dogg is being played so loud right outside the computer shop. this place tho :):):)

Hello po nay! 

snoop dogg is being played so loud right outside the computer shop. this place tho :):):) 

funniest thing, so right now while emailing the owner of the little net shop is throwing a sweet bday party and serving us food as we email! super amazing fancy food too. i love this country. also explains the loud snoop dogg music hahaha

pretty awesome week with lots of throwbacks! lots of walks down memory lane but not all were sunny, let me explain. but first an Elder Brockbank quote:

"If I could only listen to one Babylonian (non hymn) song right now it would be Mistletoe by Justin Beiber. idk its just a good song" 

So we went on exchanges with the Assistants and i was able to work with Elder Uy again!! my companion back in june. one of my all time favorites as well. really missed that guy. it was great talking about the good ol days with him and i even got to go down some similar roads in their area bc i worked there quite a bit while in cauayan and saw some familar faces! really fun! also learned alot form them but pretty happy to see we are on a very similar page to them :) 

something that surprised me on memory lane although was going back to my old apartment. i thought it would be really sunny and while it was i had some very uncomfortable feelings there. its smaller than i remembered but it felt like so much was missing. really weird not seeing Elder Pulley there. that guy meant alot to me while i was there. i got really sentimental and a little sad. hard to sleep that night and i just wanted to go back to santiago and see Elder Sacil and Domasing (my roomates) and sleep in my own apartment. 

other than that saw President Capitulo of the mission presidency who is a legend. 200 pounds, 6"1', farmer who is the best. he intereviewed my first baptism, Sister Ergy. Great seeing him some more and he even remembered me! 

thats all 

Elder Kearl

Sunday, December 10, 2017

works going good here. life can't get much better

hello po nay,

Light the World - Magingilaw Ng Sanglibutan

not much to update here except a huge thank you for the epic package!! helps me feel closer to you guys! the shirts are super nice it kinda blew me away but its great timing! i also got a "team Jesus" shirt from heather and some great letters. thanks again.

i like the name david for dan's baby.  it is a good name!  i support it!  why david tho?

yesterday we whatched the Christmas first presidency devotional which threw me back so hard so lets take a walk down memory lane. one year ago dec 08 my trainer (the beloved Elder Briones) left me after 3 cycles or 145+ days and that had to be one of the hardest weeks of my life just the adjustment was tough. I really loved that Elder. but we watched that devotional on a cold rainy night in Bambang and everything just melted away..... hard to tell you how much that christmas devotional did for me. also feeling cold weather makes me so much more comfortable so i'm grateful i'm not in the southern hemisphere. anyway last years christmas season was actually super great and happy but was awful. i felt good but after Elder Briones, so did all the nanays, so no one loved us. all we did on christmas was tao po (filipino equivalent to knocking doors) until 7, no luck, go home, i accounted my district, ate some rice with canned tuna and went to bed. felt good tho. but in every other area complete stragers would just give so much food to any walking human around (missionaries) as is the culture here on holidays so i'm curious to see what happens this year. 

I love Edwin. theres a neighbour boy whos like 10 who is kinda getting ditched by his parents so Edwin now feeds him. houses him, takes him to church and just loves him like a son. Edwin is a great guy. the kids name si CJ and is the best. im slowly meeting all of Edwins 6 siblings which is fulfilling all my dreams. love the Quibuyens so much. 

works going good here. life cant get much better.

The one raised to happiness according to his desires of happiness, or good according to his desires of good; and the other to evil according to his desires of evil; for as he has desired to do evil all the day long even so shall he have his reward of evil when the night cometh.

Elder Kearl

Sunday, December 3, 2017

the church may not be perfect but how can you hate on a church after hearing the song, 'i feel my saviours love'?

hello po nay,

SO edwin, our recent convert, baptized his daughter! and blessed the sacrament! we are also teaching so many of his siblings and it is soo exciting. that area by his house is like exploding! feels good. stay posted. 

one thing i'll quickly mention is last night we watched the YSA face to face broadcast and it was so important.  it was fast sunday so we were like dead. i remember sitting on the back of a tricy trying to tell a brother about the restoration of the gospel but like almost falling off into traffic because of the struggle, but i made it. some pretty negative thoughts were running through my head bc satan loves attacking missionaries pala but i sat down, in air con, and it started up. this musical number was played were "I feel my savoirs love" was sung and all my concerns just melted away. the thought popped into my head: the church may not be perfect but how can you hate on a church after hearing this song? it talks about being filled with peace and stuff. the rest of the devotional was gold and i left feeling sooo good. in our lives we need peace. the gospel of Jesus Christ has more than enough for anyone, you just gotta be humble enough to get some. 

they also mentioned some cool things about having holy habits and righteous routines, never tell anybody why their wrong, avoid preaching to people but just share why you believe, and ENJOY THE CHURCH! its divinely set up. just get into it, take it easy and enjoy your membership. need I say more? 

Proverbs 25:25 As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country.

i got 1 of the packages you sent me and the advent calendars. I'M SO HYPED FOR MAIL!!! it's my favorite thing here.

I love you all! 

Elder Kearl