Monday, March 19, 2018

hey, no more counting days mom, i'm anti that

super cool stuff. when you look at it alot is really going on back
home. i love telling people that we will have a new baby in the family
soon. i hope you relize that like 5 diffrent people a day see you and
the family haha.

so big week! President gave me a pretty neat assignment to finish me
off. me and a fresh Zone Leader (Elder Ricarte (also my batch (we
arrived at the same time))) opened the zone leader area of Burgos on
wednesday. The guys we replaced are great missionaries who were doing an
amazing job but this weird place "needed a fresh look" -Pres.. The
missionaries left the place with some solid people to teach but i can't
help but really miss Baluarte. it was hard saying good bye to some of
my new best friend who i grew to love over the 7 months i was there.
but it'll be good using my last 3 months here.

about the place. it sure is weird. its the equivalent to like
standoff. the place right before cardston. you travel between 2 kinda
big cites in a hot bus/van thing for like 30 mins surrounded with no
houses just farm and then stop at a gas station and resturant and then
your here. BURGOS, ISABELA. our house is legit tho with cheap air con
all day ere day and my comp is clean :) easy apartment to keep up (not
like the last one). we live in a compound with a bunch of members but
only a few (maybe 1) are active. the place feels like UTAH bc so many
people are members and everyone calls you elder and not just brother.
but soooo many endowed members are LA so president told us to focus

the area is tiny! but we live in our area, close to the church, and
just walking everyday which is something im really not used to! first
in my mission! no roomates which has been nice tbh but were covering 2
branches! the boundries and everything is super confusing bc members
just go to church at whatever time they want. hard keeping track of
everything. we live across the street from a great member family and
every one here just works on the farm. its honestly really cool here. i
really enjoy it. no ones busy ever and its super rural. i rode a
caribao! (water buffalo thing). just feels like i'm in a western movie
at all points of time.

life is moving on. starting to hit how much time i don't have left but i
dont wanna think about it. hey no more counting days. i'm anti that.

2 years ago i got my mission call and endowed. crazy.

Elder Kearl
Any Day Above Ground is a Good Day

Monday, March 12, 2018

things are looking way too good in this area

North Carolina??? how cool for eric and emily. where? are we gonna visit? im really excited to go to a restaurant just the 2 of us... 

thats crazy about baby david coming so soon. whats the plan with him? 

lifes been so good mom. it feels good. i think i'm starting to get nervous about coming back.


so we had a lesson with a young mother of 2 and she ended up crying at the end and then her and her husband came to church! its good stuff. feels good.

so on the way to church from our further area with Edwin and that new couple in tow, there was a check point set up to catch people w/o licences or something. so it was set up in a very visible place and when people would see it they would just stop and turn around and the cops didnt care an ounce. one guy even walked over, asked the cops what was going on and who's getting busted, walked back to us bc we stopped and told everyone how to get through. turns out they were just checking vans. of course the cops all had big ol' rifles! hardly anyone got checked. very casual situation. i hope you get how funny it really was. if not, it's just how it goes :) 

We started speaking english with Edwin recently and it is so funny! he wants to learn so were helping him out. turns out his wife is coming in april to visit for a month but big chance i'm not here. this is actually really hard for me. 

nothin else but things are looking way too good in this area. 

Elder Kearl
Any Day Above Ground is a Good Day

Monday, March 5, 2018

there is so much goodness going on in this area

hi mama, 

thats cool your staying busy and baby David is getting spoiled! when are you finishing school? like for good and also this summer? what is you and dads plan? just keep plugging along or like moving to italy? anything crazy? kick me out or something! mix it up! 

no travel plans yet. probably end of this month. its close to 100% im out of here on june 6th. no way around that we will just see how long it takes me to get there.  please make doctors and dentist appointments for me please.


quick higlight: so geese are really aggressive here and always act like there going to attack you. not cool. so i walk past a goose who is just giving me the biggest stink eye and stares at me as i walk past him and when my body passes him this guy takes a lunge at me! what a freak! but i quickly turn around so it doesn't bite and i mange to grab its super long neck and throw it to the side making it do a 180. not cool.

Hey, so Samuel and Joesphine who got baptized last weekend have been working with us a bit! its cool hearing what Samuel had to say. he said that he didn't want to waste our time and have us keep coming back for no reason so he took the challenge and asked God if the Book of Mormon is true. He said he had one dream where a voice told him very clearly that "the Book of Mormon and what we teach him will help make him clean." super cool to see. His neighbour and daughter will be baptized here soon. that neighbours wife is like "yeah get baptized! i love the mormons!" and shes over in japan or something. hopefully Amy will find her.

Edwin killing it again! so we had a FHE with edwin the other day and his crew and they loved it! the crew had another one and they invited 3 of their friends and 2 of those friends went to church! one of them was a dad named Vangel who drinks a lot and we taught him a while back but didn't really care. but after teaching him once again after the FHE he comes to church because he wants good family strength. and the other friend was a fellow teenage girl who didn't seem to interested at first but is pretty into it now. 

there is so much goodness going on this area its hard to balance everything. crazy.
Elder Kearl
Any Day Above Ground is a Good Day

Sunday, February 25, 2018

made a decision to buy some gasoline and light 'em up...worked like a charm!

Hello po nay! 

Things are looking good right now. Edwin is moving up! 2nd counselor in the Young Mens presidency! Elder Brockbank and I are just rooting him on every step of the way! Big W there! 

Samuel and Josephine are now baptized! It was a great service! and now their neighbour, Rocky, who has been shaky before now, is taking in this whole mormon thing. a good shot and their daughter who went to church and didn't like it bc she has no friends went to church again! thats my 9th and 10th baptism in this area! incredible success! we have been so blessed. 

We found this cool family as well, the Bulaclac family. their last name means flower! they live like across the street kind of thing to the church, moms been a member for like 30 years but when she moved here went LA and nobody in the ward knows she is a member. Her kids ranging from 5-22 years of age are stoked on it and the 10 yo and 7 yo came to church! crazy these 2 young kids just showed up with a Book of Mormon and filled out the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ pamphlet in hand! i felt like their dad getting them to class and stuff. cool crew. 

our kitchen has been smelling bad this week so we looked around and found like 25 super rotten eggs from 2017! when we threw em outside of the apartment in our garbage pile they were popping and like exploding. after we moved em outside the smell got worse and we got tons and tons of flies so we made a decision to buy some gasoline and light em up. worked like a charm. Elder Brockbank decided that is probably what zombies smell like. kind of a loss. 

We are also now so into popcorn. twice daily!

Elder Kearl
Any Day Above Ground is a Good Day

some stats for perspective:
1st area: Dupax Del Sur, 4 cycles, 1 baptism
2nd area: Alicia 1B, 2 cycles, 1 baptism
3rd area: Cauayan 1B, 3 cycles, 2 baptisms
4th area: Baluarte A, going on 5 cycles, 10 baptisms.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

2 more baptisms coming up on saturday

Hello po nay,

we got 2 more baptisms coming up on saturday! Joesphine and Samuel. They are super cool. we just contaced Josephine one day and it went ok. we weren't sure if we should go back but Elder Brockbank decided we should and we got through the first lessons and saw they were pretty legit. now they are legit and love the church! "i wasnt sure about the Book of Mormon at first.. but i now know it comes from God." - Samuel. They are an older couple around 50 years old and the guys a little rough around the edges. super cool to see em progress. Joesphine would get home from work at 6 and spend the next hour working on the Book of Mormon assignments we gave her till we came at 7. seriously mosipag. 

the best was bringing Edwin along and hearing the things he would say. 2 Nephi 29:6 was the scripture that changed him. He said it hurt a bit to hear but it was just what he needed. He remembers EJ (shane lethabys friend here) explaining something and it was really meaningful to him. the funny thing was i remember teaching him very different than others. when he wasn't coming to church i remember the thought in my head being "Just have patience, don't freak him out, he will come around." he's now reading 3 hrs of scriptures a day and we have a FHE at his house later with the local street youth. LOVE THAT MAN

Elder Kearl 
2 Nephi 29:6 Thou fool, that shall say: A Bible, we have got a Bible, and we need no more Bible. Have ye obtained a Bible save it were by the Jews? 

mosipag = hard working

Monday, February 12, 2018

loved the feeling at the funeral...reminded me of Grandma Rosenvalls

HEY MOM! hello po

Hey, i had a dream Saturday night about me coming home and entering the house and hanging out with You and Emily. i missed you guys quite a bit yesterday. i'll be honest i'm getting pretty trunky. i'm getting way to excited to get home and move on. i'll be honest tho, i really love my mission and enjoy being here and love the service this is. but, 20 months is a long time to be doing the same thing!

thats amazing about your cool experiences at work with babies and their families.. super cool stories. Heavenly Father cares very much about how we come in and out of this world and it's cool you help so many families be happy. MVP

quick week with 2 exchanges in our area with the District Leaders and a funeral! 

The bishop told us to attend the funeral of a woman i've never known but she belonged to a really great family so we attended and i really enjoyed it. She was an 82 yo lady with polio her whole life. we attended the very simple service and then buried her in a nice cemetery in the city. i was not able to participate in the the walk they do here. where the people attending the funeral walk behind the vehicle carrying the casket from the service to the burying spot. i think it's a really cool tradition actually because you get a huge crowd following their loved one. it's funny too bc people driving by will just throw change at them, hahaha. good service and loved the feeling there. reminded me of Grandma Rosenvalls quite a bit. not much to say but it was nice.

We than attended a "Home Teaching Convention" which was pretty absurd.

This morning we went fishing at a members fishing pond and caught like 30+ fish. this small pond had so many fish that you could just put the line in the water and within a minute something would bite. super sunny! 

Elder Kearl

1 Nephi 3:7

Sunday, February 4, 2018

may or may not sell my kidney to provide them with the funds to make that come true


so i'm not transferred! i'm going to do 5 cycles in Baluarte! that's pretty rare in this mission. that's going to be 7 months here! I'll be with Elder Brockbank for 3 cycles! again, very rare. i was with my trainer for 3 cylces but most people are in an area for 3 cycles. in Cauayan i was there for 3 cycles and had 3 different companions. 

Yesterday Edwins wife was baptized in Hong Kong. super cool to think about our influence reaching hong kong. the family is now complete and have a huge potential to be sealed for eternity. we will see how it goes. may or may not sell my kidney to provide them with the funds to make that come true. Edwin is the pride and joy of my mission.

we attended a crazy meeting on friday and accidently became members of like a government thing. so it was a meeting for the VFO (values formation officers) and they basically go to communities weekly and teach stuff like honesty and stuff. it's good stuff. so what happened is a while ago we got some numbers from the city mayor's secretary and we texted him and like the head pastor of the city invited us. we arrived 5 minutes early while the meeting started an hour late. when the main pastor guy came in he just yells "OOO PRAISE THE LORD!" and said that over and over again. the meeting was 60% pastors sharing scriptures and 40% business. so many praying and even a time to grab a "Prayer Partner" and pray loudly at the same time. the room erupted in sound. Mayor walks in. everyone gets excited. we all get pictures with him and pray to or for him. not too sure which. long story short, it was in the top 5 things that happened on my mission. super fun.

that's it from this week. I LOVE YOU GUYS!

Elder Kearl 

3 Nephi 12:16